Scientific Research: DHA Fatty Acids in the Treatment of Cancer

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Nutrient therapies are a significant part of naturopathic health care and disease prevention. Nutraceuticals (nutrients used at therapeutic dosages) can also contribute in safe and effective treatment protocols. The following extract is taken from an article on research that indicates positive results when using DHA (a fatty acid derived from fish oil) to treat (cancerous) […]

There’s Something Huge Happening in the World Of Naturopathic Health Care

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Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream!  The National Institute of Complementary Medicine has released a report on the Cost Effectiveness of Complementary Medicines. The report was conducted by Access Economics. Economic Report Finds Complementary Medicine Could Ease Health Budget. University of Western Sydney (UWS) Latest News Date: 13/09/2010 “A study into the cost effectiveness of complementary medicine […]

Are You Suffering From ‘Metabolic Syndrome’?

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Metabolic Syndrome is an increasingly common health disorder which affects many people’s lives by reducing their quality of life as well as their potential life span. Metabolic syndrome can cause a number of serious health conditions such as diabetes, fatty liver and chronic cardiovascular diseases. As a naturopathic practitioner, I find that early intervention is […]

Do You Use Talcum Powder On Your Body?

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When I was studying Environmental science some years ago, I was shocked to find out the long-term dangers of using talcum powder on the genital area or bottom (which is where most ladies use it on themselves and where most parents use it on their babies!). At the time, I came across a lot of […]

Healthy Parenting

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Raising children in a healthy, balanced way can be very difficult at times yet being a great parent is the most important role we have in life, once we have kids. Do you reflect on your childhood in a positive way or one that leaves you shuddering? Do you sometimes find that you sound like […]

The Secrets To Avoiding An Early Death & Living A High Quality Life Full Of Energy & Vitality!

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* Do You Want To Achieve Optimal Health and Vitality? * We Specialise in Helping You To Achieve Your Ultimate Health & Wellbeing Goals As We Believe That Optimum Health Should Be Everyone’s Main Priority. * Did You Know That Heart Disease Is The Number One Cause of Human Deaths Yet In Many Cases it is […]

Dermatopause: Restoring Ageing Skin – Beauty from the Inside Out

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We live in a society where we are judged by how we look, and youth is a premium. The condition of your skin is the universal measurement of youth, and good skin depends on a healthy body. According to Dr Eric R. Braverman, M.D: “Beautiful skin starts with internal plastic surgery – repairing the body […]