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If you are a client of mine, you would have no doubt had the long (yawn) boring lectures from me at some time about why we shouldn’t eat dairy products and red meat; the problems with the CSIRO diet book; and why it’s a myth that dairy products prevent osteoporosis. Well, it seems I’m not the […]

Energy Drinks Can Cause Serious Health Problems and Even Death

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Rise in caffeine toxicity blamed on energy drinks   According to Emma Sorensen (Medical Observer, 16.1.12):  “AUSTRALIAN researchers are again calling for better labelling of caffeinated energy drinks after a study showed an alarming rise in cases of caffeine toxicity, which presents a risk of serious cardiac or neurological complications, and was responsible for one […]

There is Always a Reason for Pain!

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Good Riddance to Propoxyphene In the wake of the market withdrawal of propoxyphene in November 2010, prescribers this year had to decide which analgesics were the best alternatives to the “Worst Drug in History”  ‘Physicians Say Good Riddance to ‘Worst Drug in History’   According to Allison Gandey (Medscape News 2.2.11):  “An estimated 10 million […]