Are You Filtering Your Water Properly?

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If you drink unfiltered or poorly filtered rainwater or ground water, there’s a high chance you are swallowing harmful bacterial species such as Klebsiella spp; Parasites like Blastocystis hominis, Cysts from Parasites, Viruses and other pathogens that damage your long-term health as well as toxic heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and other toxic metals which can be carcinogenic.

Some of the problems these substances can cause to your health include digestive system problems (loose bowels, IBS, constipation, reflux, heartburn, etc); nutrient deficiencies (especially iron), auto-immune diseases, foggy-headedness, a low functioning immune system and a range of serious heath problems depending on the contaminants in the water.

In Australia, there are no laws that prevent water filtration companies selling you sub-standard products that fail to filter out these harmful substances and most of their marketing campaigns and websites can be very misleading with many making false claims about the capabilities of their filtering products.

I have spent a great deal of time searching for the best possible water filters for my clients as they need to meet my strict criteria for safety and effectiveness and they need to have been independently tested (at govt- approved laboratories).

It has taken me over a decade of searching for the ‘ideal’ water filtration systems because just when I think I’ve found them, and spent time investigating the filters, I’ve always hit a dead end. The system may have filtered out 99.9% of parasites and bacteria but they failed to filter out toxic heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, aluminium, etc or they would filter out the toxic metals but leave high levels of microbes! However, I was only prepared to recommend a water filter that eliminated all of these substances effectively – and only if the company could provide evidence that their products had been independently tested (for removing bacteria, parasites, cysts, viruses and toxic heavy metals).

Well, the search is finally over!

I have found water filtration systems that demonstrate (in independent test results) that they are very effective at eliminating potentially harmful microbes from rainwater and ground water and I’ve also found a filter that will remove fluoride from mains water.

Better yet, if you are a client of mine, I have secured discounted prices for you from both of these companies!


Will You Be Filtering Rain Water, Ground Water or Mains Water?

The appropriate filter will depend on what type of water you need to filter. As I said, I have now found very effective filters for rain water and ground water (that remove parasites, cysts, bacterial forms, viruses and toxic heavy metals) – but they don’t remove fluoride*. This shouldn’t matter if you are using rain water or ground water or if you are using mains water and you live in a state such as QLD, where fluoride is not added to the water supply. But if you need to filter fluoridated mains water, I recommend a different type of filter that will remove fluoride, chloride and other potentially harmful chemicals. These filters are not from the same company but I have still managed to secure a 10% discount for my clients from both companies – so if you are a client of mine, you should be able to purchase the right filter for your needs, at a great price!

* I recommend a different type of filter for use on mains water in states where fluoride is added to the water supply (e.g. South Australia).

To find out which water filters I recommend please email our clinic at [email protected] and provide the following information:

Your name; the suburb and state you reside in (in Australia); what type of water you need to filter (rain, ground or mains) and your email address. Our staff will be happy to provide you with my recommendations for the right water filter for your needs.

We look forward to helping you improve your health in the future which should be aided by using an effective water filtration system.

Yours In Great Health,

Sar Rooney BHSc., ND., DC., DASc., GDSc. (Hons), MATMS, MHATO
Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner, Lecturer, Researcher

Sar has advanced qualifications in the health sciences and naturopathic medicine and is an accomplished lecturer & practitioner with over 21 years of clinical experience. 

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