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It’s one thing for pharmacists to try to take the role of a doctor by offering health advice, it’s another to try to cash in on the diet revolution (i.e. many franchised pharmacies now have their own weight loss programs) but apparently that isn’t enough for some of them – now some pharmacists are also trying […]

What Do You Have For Breakfast?

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It often surprises me when a client’s idea of a healthy breakfast is weetbix and cow’s milk; muesli or other similar start to their day (and often their children are given this too!). When you begin your day with a high carbohydrate load like this, it can make you feel drowsy, cause weight gain, increase […]

Do You Suffer From Hayfever or Sinus Congestion?

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Many people suffer in silence from allergies but allergies are not something that you simply have to put up with! It is possible to manage your allergies naturally. Common allergy symptoms include sneezing, sinus congestion, itchy eyes, persistent cough, wheezing, asthma, headaches, and skin disorders such as eczema. If you have allergies, as well as […]

The Dangers of Anti-Depressant Use in the Elderly

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New antidepressants increase risks for elderly 3.8.11 The University of Nottingham Research conducted at the University of Nottingham found that: “Older people taking new generation antidepressants are at more risk of dying or suffering from a range of serious health conditions including stroke, falls, fractures and epilepsy, a study involving researchers at The University of […]

Having a Healthy Baby

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Planning to have a healthy baby should begin a long time before conception. Research demonstrates that the preparation of both the mother’s and father’s bodies may be critical to the future wellness of your children. When both parents are really healthy, they provide a favourable environment for a baby to develop, increasing the chances of […]

Sun Screen Dangers For Children

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Teachers restrict sunscreens over safety concerns By Simon Lauder ABC News. Updated Wed May 18, 2011 According to Simon Lauder: “Teachers are concerned about the use of sunscreen containing nanoparticles. The Australian Education Union (AEU) wants to restrict the types of sunscreens used at schools. The union says sunscreen with nanoparticles poses unacceptable safety risks. […]

Common Foods May Be Causing You Pain & Disease

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I have seen a number of new cases lately of people with acute arthritic symptoms in their hands, knees, backs and other areas of their body. When I ask them if they have been eating more tomatoes, eggplants and/or capsicums, the answer is often “Yes”. This time of year these foods are in abundance in […]

Do You Suffer From Fatigue, Weight Gain, Mood Swings, Anxiety and Depression? If So, It Might Be Your Hormones!

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One of the areas of health that I specialise in is Naturopathic Endocrinology (hormonal system balance) and I am amazed by the number of men and women that try to function each day with significantly dysfunctional hormonal systems. Often people are suffering from excessive levels of one hormone in conjunction with deficiencies of other hormones […]

7 Simple Health Strategies You Need To Know

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The following factors may help you achieve much better health and high vitality: * Adequate, restful sleep (Around 8 hours of sound sleep a night is ideal) in a dark room with good ventilation. * Regular relaxation needs to be built into your daily life. Reading, meditating, having a massage or listening to music can all promote relaxation. * […]

Why Masterchef May Be Hazardous To Your Health!

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Have you been watching the Masterchef cooking series on TV? I love this TV show but I also grimace whenever I see them demonstrating a cooking technique that involves wrapping food in glad wrap and placing it in a pot of boiling water! It almost begs the question… “Would you like cancer served with that’? […]

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