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In my clinical experience, Naturopaths used to be the primary health care practitioners that recommended fish oil supplements to their patients.

We could see the large range of potential therapeutic benefits from taking marine-derived omega 3 fatty acids and we knew they were not called ‘essential’ fatty acids for no reason!

These days, taking fish oil supplements has become ‘mainstream’ and many cardiologists, GPs and other health practitioners now recommend them to their patients.

Which is great!

Because, in the last few years, research has not only shown the significant health benefits from taking these supplements but, moreover, a multi-centre, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial did not find any adverse effects from taking high-dosage fish oil supplements 1*.

In fact, long-term clinical trials have shown multiple health benefits from taking fish oil supplements, including a reduced risk of heart disease, dementia and depression. Optimum skin health and the reduction of dry skin and atopic dermatitis has been found to be a further benefit.

The following research illustrates just a few reasons why most people* should consider taking purified, high-quality, fish oil supplements on a daily basis:

Red blood cell polyunsaturated fatty acids and mortality in the Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study.

“Higher RBC levels of marine n-3 PUFAs were associated with reduced risk for all-cause mortality. These findings support the beneficial relationship between the Omega-3 Index and health outcomes”.

Effect of Omega-3 Acid Ethyl Esters on Left Ventricular Remodeling After Acute Myocardial Infarction: The OMEGA-REMODEL Randomized Clinical Trial.

“Treatment of patients with acute myocardial infarction with high-dose omega-3 fatty acids was associated with reduction of adverse left ventricular remodeling, noninfarct myocardial fibrosis, and serum biomarkers of systemic inflammation beyond current guideline-based standard of care”.

Blood EPA and DHA Independently Predict All-Cause Mortality in Patients with Stable Coronary Heart Disease. The Heart and Soul Study

“In these outpatients with stable CHD, blood n-3 FA levels were inversely associated with total mortality independent of standard and emerging risk factors, suggesting that reduced tissue n-3 FA levels may adversely impact metabolism”.

Red blood cell omega-3 fatty acid levels and markers of accelerated brain aging

“Lower RBC DHA levels are associated with smaller brain volumes and a “vascular” pattern of cognitive impairment even in persons free of clinical dementia”

The Omega-3 Index and relative risk for coronary heart disease mortality: Estimation from 10 cohort studies

“The overall mean (SD) for the Omega-3 Index in these 10 cohort studies was 6.1% (2.1%), and the HR for a 1-SD increase was 0.85 (95% confidence interval, 0.80–0.91). Median quintile 1 and 5 levels were 4.2% vs. 8.3%, respectively. Based on these values, we estimate that risk for fatal CHD would have been reduced by about 30% moving from an Omega-3 Index of 4%–8%.

Major depressive disorder is associated with cardiovascular risk factors and low Omega-3 Index.

“Conventional cardiovascular risk factors, the Omega-3 Index, and interleukin-6 levels indicated an elevated cardiovascular risk profile in MDD patients currently free of CVD. Our results support the employment of strategies to reduce the cardiovascular risk in still cardiovascularly healthy MDD patients by targeting conventional risk factors and the Omega-3 Index”.

These research articles, and many more, demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of taking fish oil supplementation at therapeutic levels for the prevention and treatment of a large range of health disorders.

However, as fish oil supplements can act as mild anticoagulants (blood-thinners), they should not be taken when anticoagulant medications are being taken, or when anticoagulants should be avoided and/or prior to surgery. Furthermore, there are specific genetic conditions where fish oils should not be taken.

It is also important to ensure the fish oil supplements you are taking are the purest, highest grade supplements possible, as many brands of fish oil supplements have been found to contain toxic heavy metals and other harmful substances such as PCBs, lead, mercury, cadmium and other toxins which can put your health at risk.

If you would like to be prescribed high-quality, purified fish oil supplements, please consult me for your health and wellbeing**.

That way, I can also provide advice on what other nutrients your body may require to help you achieve optimum wellness.

Yours in Great Health,

Sar Rooney BHSc., ND., DC., DASc., GDSc. (Hons), MATMS, MHATO

Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner, Lecturer, Researcher & Counsellor 

Sar has advanced qualifications in the health sciences and naturopathic medicine and is an accomplished practitioner, lecturer & counsellor with over 25 years clinical experience. 

Consultations are offered via phone, skype and in-person by appointment.

Clinical focus is: Anxiety & Depression | Women’s Health | Chronic Fatigue |  Hormonal Imbalances | Thyroid Disorders | Digestive Health | Autoimmune Disease | Genetic Polymorphisms & Nutrigenomics | Nutritional Medicine | Counselling | Optimal Wellness & Disease Prevention with a Clinical Focus on Identifying & Resolving the Underlying Causes of Symptoms and Disease.  

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*Please consult your health care practitioner for advice to see if fish oil supplements are appropriate for your individual requirements.

**Due to time limitations, consultations are only offered to Australian residents.

Reference: 1.Heydari, B. et al., 2016. Effect of Omega-3 Acid Ethyl Esters on Left Ventricular Remodeling After Acute Myocardial Infarction: The OMEGA-REMODEL Randomized Clinical Trial. Circulation. 2016 Aug 2; 134 (5): 378-91.

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