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‘Special Offer’

Are You Seeking Better Health & More Energy?

Professional Health Assessment – ‘Online Wellness Program’

This wellness program includes a comprehensive assessment of your health via an extensive questionnaire to help get you started on your journey to optimum wellbeing. The program also includes a healthy eating program and a report on the safest and most effective products to use on your body so that you can avoid the harmful toxins that are in many personal care products these days.

In addition. this online wellness program may help you to identify whether you have digestive system imbalances or an under-active thyroid that may be causing your health problems. If so, our Naturopathic Practitioner, Sar Rooney, will aim to help you reverse your imbalances, help repair your gastrointestinal system and get your metabolic rate functioning at an optimal rate so your body can heal itself and function much more effectively.

The Program Includes:

    • A Comprehensive Online Health Assessment …..Have your health professionally assessed by our Naturopathic Practitioner. All you need to do is complete our comprehensive health questionnaire to help you on your journey to achieving fabulous health, high vitality & longevity. This program allows 2 hours in Sar Rooney’s schedule for her to read all of your answers and develop a personalized treatment program for you which you will receive via email.
    • A FREE ‘Healthy Eating Plan For Life’ …..This simple plan will show you how to eat (and feed your family) for life so that you can achieve optimum wellness. This is not a ‘short-term diet’ – this easy to follow eating plan will guide you on the best foods to eat for high vitality and excellent health.
    • FREE Thyroid Testing Information…Find out the best way to assess your thyroid function, without even leaving home. This simple assessment method is included in your health assessment and will identify whether or not your thyroid is under or over functioning. If your thyroid is out of balance, we have excellent naturopathic formulas that can help balance your thyroid function naturally.
    • A FREE ‘Recommended Products Report’….Did you know that the majority of products you use everyday on your face, hair and the rest of your body may contain toxins that can accumulate in your body and put you at higher risk of disease? Research has proven that many of these chemicals can cause hormonal imbalances (as they are endocrine disrupters) which can lead to cancer. In addition, many products contain other chemicals that can lead to disease. Find out which products our Naturopathic Practitioner uses and recommends to help protect your body (and your family) from harmful chemicals.

Transform your health, regain your energy and start living life to the fullest!

Special Offer – Total Program: $240.00* (AU)

This fee includes 2 hours of Sar Rooney’s time to assess your case and develop an individual treatment program for you. You will also receive all of the information products that are part of this program for free.

* Offer Only Available to Australian Residents. Before organizing this program, please check with our office about Sar’s availability as she is often booked out well in advance.

To Begin Your Healing Journey email our clinic at [email protected] and enquire about our current booking schedule to find out how soon we can begin helping you. 

Now you can find out the state of your health, the healthiest way to eat and feed your family and the best products to use on your body – a great way to start your journey to excellent wellbeing!

Take the Guess Work Out Of Your Health Imbalances And Allow Us To Help You Identify Where Your Body Is At, And What We Need To Do To Correct Your Imbalances – Quickly, Safely and Effectively!

* The Healthy Eating Plan and Recommended Products Report will be emailed to you in PDF format so that they are easily readable on any PC, MAC or iPad.

* Payment for the wellness program is not refundable.

* This offer is subject to change or may be discontinued at any time. 

If you are suffering from a hormonal imbalance such as Hot Flushes, Low Libido or other Menopausal symptoms or PMS, PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, or a Thyroid disorder e.g. Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s or Hyperthyroidism you may find the solutions you are looking for in Sar’s ebook ‘Are Your Hormones Driving You Mad?‘ which is available here:  http://www.hormonehelpsite.com/