Sugar-Sweetened Drinks May Pose Heart Risks to Women, Study Suggests

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  According to Denise Mann – Health Day reporter from the Health Day News (13.11.11):   “Drinking two or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day may boost a woman’s risk for developing heart disease and diabetes — even if this habit isn’t causing her to pack on extra pounds, a new study says. Sugary sodas and other […]


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It’s one thing for pharmacists to try to take the role of a doctor by offering health advice, it’s another to try to cash in on the diet revolution (i.e. many franchised pharmacies now have their own weight loss programs) but apparently that isn’t enough for some of them – now some pharmacists are also trying […]

Common Foods May Be Causing You Pain & Disease

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I have seen a number of new cases lately of people with acute arthritic symptoms in their hands, knees, backs and other areas of their body. When I ask them if they have been eating more tomatoes, eggplants and/or capsicums, the answer is often “Yes”. This time of year these foods are in abundance in […]

There’s Something Huge Happening in the World Of Naturopathic Health Care

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Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream!  The National Institute of Complementary Medicine has released a report on the Cost Effectiveness of Complementary Medicines. The report was conducted by Access Economics. Economic Report Finds Complementary Medicine Could Ease Health Budget. University of Western Sydney (UWS) Latest News Date: 13/09/2010 “A study into the cost effectiveness of complementary medicine […]

Are You Suffering From ‘Metabolic Syndrome’?

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Metabolic Syndrome is an increasingly common health disorder which affects many people’s lives by reducing their quality of life as well as their potential life span. Metabolic syndrome can cause a number of serious health conditions such as diabetes, fatty liver and chronic cardiovascular diseases. As a naturopathic practitioner, I find that early intervention is […]

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