Fluoride Linked to Thyroid Problems, Reduced IQ, Fatigue and Depression

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‘Study links fluoride to health issues’ Australian health authorities are reviewing the case for fluoride in drinking water amid concerns scientific evidence supporting the benefits and risks to people’s health may have shifted. While most Australians have been regularly consuming low amounts of fluoride since it was added to drinking water in the 1960s and […]


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Oestrogen is essential for healthy female reproductive function. This hormone plays a part in every stage of a female’s life – from early childhood development to puberty, throughout the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, childbirth and finally, through the menopausal years. Too many women suffer from symptoms related to having either too much or not enough oestrogen […]


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POTENTIAL RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH TAKING STATINS (CHOLESTEROL-LOWERING DRUGS) According to research published in the Journal of Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis, taking even a small dose of 10mg of statin drugs, such as Crestor, Lipitor, Lipostat, etc can deplete your CoQ10 levels by an amazing 40% in just 2 months. Muscle pain is one common side effect […]


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Changes in the gut microbiome from low-dose antibiotics caused mice to gain weight. Similar alterations in humans taking antibiotics, especially children, might be adding to the obesity epidemic Amy Maxmen Nature Magazine 27.8.12   Bacteria living naturally within the gut provide a gateway to flab, according to a few reports this week. These bacteria may […]


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MAY I BE FRANK Recently I watched a DVD from the US called ‘May I Be Frank’ and personally, I thought it was one of the most B-grade, boring docos I have ever watched and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but I would like to share something that was shown on there with you…. The story […]

Sugar-Sweetened Drinks May Pose Heart Risks to Women, Study Suggests

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  According to Denise Mann – Health Day reporter from the Health Day News (13.11.11):   “Drinking two or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day may boost a woman’s risk for developing heart disease and diabetes — even if this habit isn’t causing her to pack on extra pounds, a new study says. Sugary sodas and other […]

Do You Suffer From Fatigue, Weight Gain, Mood Swings, Anxiety and Depression? If So, It Might Be Your Hormones!

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One of the areas of health that I specialise in is Naturopathic Endocrinology (hormonal system balance) and I am amazed by the number of men and women that try to function each day with significantly dysfunctional hormonal systems. Often people are suffering from excessive levels of one hormone in conjunction with deficiencies of other hormones […]