The Secrets To Avoiding An Early Death & Living A High Quality Life Full Of Energy & Vitality!

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* Do You Want To Achieve Optimal Health and Vitality?

* We Specialise in Helping You To Achieve Your Ultimate Health & Wellbeing Goals As We Believe That Optimum Health Should Be Everyone’s Main Priority.

* Did You Know That Heart Disease Is The Number One Cause of Human Deaths Yet In Many Cases it is 100% Preventable?

* Were You Aware That The Current Statistics On Cancer Are That 1 in Every 2 People Will Develop Cancer, & Cancer Sufferers Are Getting Younger & Younger?

* Were You Also Aware That Scientists Agree That Cancer Is Often Preventable When Your Body Is In Balance?

* Did You Know That We Are Specialists In Individually-Designed Wellbeing Programs That May Help You Prevent Such Diseases & Provide You With A Much Higher Quality Of Life?

* If You Already Have Symptoms Of Disease, Do You Want To Find Effective Treatments For Conditions That No-One Else Could Treat Successfully?

* Are You Seeking a Highly Qualified Naturopathic Physician With a Scientific Background and Extensive Knowledge of Proven and Effective Naturopathic Treatments?

* Would You Like Access To A Large Range Of Screening Procedures Designed to Identify Factors That May Provide Accurate Answers To Your Health Problems?

* Identifying the True Causes Of Your Health Disorders Can Not Only Give You Back Your Quality Of Life But It Can Also Save You Money And Reduce Your Need To Seek Endless Treatments.

* If You Are Seeking Optimal Health, High Vitality and Longevity and You Want To Treat Your Health Imbalances Before They Develop Into Disease, It Is Essential That You Identify and Treat The Underlying Causes Of Your Health Problems.

* Do You Want To Put Your Trust In a Practitioner That is University Qualified and is a Qualified Health Scientist Who Keeps Up To Date With The Latest Advances in Scientific Research From Around the World.

* Do You Want To Find Out What Wellbeing Program ‘You’ Should Follow? One That Has Been Specifically Developed For Your Biologically-Unique Body and Is Far Superior To Anything You Will Find Out About From Reading The Internet, Listening To Untrained People Tell You What You Should Take Or Believing Ads From Companies That Just Want Your Money?

* Would You Like Access To Superior Quality, Cutting-Edge, Medically-Proven Naturopathic Formulas That Are Only Available Through Registered Health Practitioners?

* Do You Want Dramatic Weight Loss – From Obesity To Being Slim Just By Making Some Simple Dietary Changes?

* Are You Seeking More Balance In Your Life and Less Emotional Highs and Lows?

* Would You Like Much More Energy and A Feeling Of High Vitality Every Day?

* Living Longer and Disease Prevention: Do You Want To Help Prevent Age-related Diseases and Increase Longevity?



* “Abundant Life Energy” Wellbeing Programs – To Help You Live Healthier & Enjoy A Higher Quality Of Life.

* Naturopathic Health Care – Safe & Effective Solutions For Your Health Problems.

*Referrals for Clinical Pathology Testing and Functional Testing to Identify the Causes of Your Health Problems.

* Specialized Naturopathic Treatment programs for Anxiety & Depression, Chronic Fatigue, Digestive System Disorders, Hormone Imbalances, Thyroid Disorders, Genetic Polymorphisms (Pyroluria & MTHFR) and Auto-immune Diseases.

* Cutting-edge, Natural Hormone Therapy & Hormone Testing to Help Balance Your Hormonal System Safely & Effectively.

* Counselling & Clinical Hypnotherapy To Help You Resolve Your Problems & Internal Saboteurs.

* Highly Effective Fat Loss programs to Help You Burn Fat Quickly.

* Effective Treatments for Anxiety & Depression to Help You Cope with Life Much Better.

* Successful Treatments for Fatigue (inc. Ross River Virus & Chronic Fatigue) Which Can Help You Achieve Boundless Energy.

* Pregnancy Preparation & Natural Fertility Treatments to Give Your Baby the Best Start in Life.

* Scientifically-Developed, Integrated Detoxification programs to Rid Your Body of Toxins, Parasites, Bacteria & Heavy Metals.

* Effective Therapies to Increase Your Immune Function & Help You Achieve Fabulous Health.

* Health Fund Rebates Apply *

Achieve Your Optimum Health & Wellbeing with Naturopathic Health Care


Our Centre Also Offers Remedial Massage Therapies

* Remedial Massage
* Trigger Point Therapy
* Deep Tissue Massage
* Myofascial Release
* Lymphatic Drainage Massage
* Chinese Cupping Techniques

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