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A study shows that one quarter of women misdiagnose themselves on the internet, with one in ten suffering unpleasant side effects after self-medicating.

As a naturopathic healthcare practitioner I have seen the emergence of more serious health problems over the last few years and it is usually due to women self-diagnosing and self-medicating from information they read off the internet which is often incorrect for their particular circumstances.

stethoscopeWhen their diagnosis is inaccurate, their health problems continue to deteriorate so that by the time they do seek treatment – much damage has occurred to their body and their health as they have prolonged proper treatment for so long. This can be costly to their wellbeing and to their hip pocket as treatment may take a lot longer to work. Worse still, some diseases are irreversible if they have been left untreated for too long.

The internet is great to find out more about a disease or condition once it has been properly diagnosed by pathology tests and a trained practitioner but it can put your health or life at risk if you try to self-diagnose your symptoms without the proper tests and the care and knowledge of a practitioner that has had many years of clinical experience.


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