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Michael Woodhead wrote in ‘6 minutes’ that Victorian researchers have found that the length of a woman’s index finger may provide information about her risk of developing breast cancer: 

“A Melbourne study has shown that the ratio of index to ring finger lengths might be associated with breast cancer risk and age at onset of breast cancer. In a study published in the British Journal of Cancer (online September 18), researchers from the Cancer Epidemiology Centre, Cancer Council Victoria, describe their findings from a study of more than 9000 women, including 573 women with breast cancer. Finger lengths were measured from a photocopy of their hands.

They found a direct association between the lengths of the index and ring fingers (2D : 4D) and risk of breast cancer, and an inverse association between differences in length of the two fingers and risk of breast cancer. In the women with breast cancer cases, both finger-length ratio and differences were inversely associated with age at diagnosis of breast cancer.

The researchers also observed associations between these finger measures and age at menopause, with increasing digit ratio measures related to earlier mean age at menopause. The ratio of the lengths of index and ring fingers has previously been shown to be a marker of prenatal exposure to sex hormones, with low 2D:4D being indicative of high prenatal androgen action.

“Digit ratio measures might be associated with breast cancer risk and age at onset of breast cancer,” the researchers say. “If confirmed in other studies, this suggests that lower exposure or sensitivity to prenatal testosterone might be associated with lower risk of breast cancer,” they conclude.”

What do you think?

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