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This is a question that gets asked a lot particularly by those who have their basic needs met and are looking for more in their lives. As with most things in life, I think it’s all a question of moderation.

If we have sufficient funds to put a decent roof over our heads in a relatively safe neighbourhood, eat healthily, afford good health care, pay our bills and be able to enjoy a nice holiday on a fairly regular basis without having to work excessively long hours to achieve this or without needing to participate in soul-destroying work or a toxic work environment – then this would probably allow most people to find happiness in their lives in whichever way they choose (e.g. relaxing, spending time with friends and family, participating in their favourite hobbies, etc). In other words, according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as long as all of our needs are met we have the ability to feel happiness:
Of course, there are others, such as Buddhist monks who have even fewer needs in order for them to find happiness or a sense of contentment.

In contrast, there are those who are really driven to create great wealth and they do not allow themselves to ‘feel’ happiness until they have achieved their next goal (e.g. the next million; a bigger home, more expensive cars, etc). But is this type of happiness really genuine or does it just (temporarily) satisfy a deeper feeling of inadequacy (due to not feeling good enough?). Is this lifestyle more about seeking validation rather than sincere happiness? I’m not proposing that ‘is’ the case….I’m merely questioning whether it is or it isn’t.

I’ve seen a large number of clients over the years that were working themselves into an early grave and not enjoying their (sometimes rapid) journey to the cemetery (all work and no play = depression) and it’s wonderful when I can help them change their mindset and transform their lives, not to mention helping them improve their physical health to help prevent a premature death.

What is Happiness?

If you ask people to list their happiest moments in life….in my experience, their happiest times don’t usually involve money. They generally say things like: When my son/daughter was born; when my partner proposed to me or when I got married; when I saw [a beautiful view] for the first time; when I found out that my cancer had gone into remission; when all of my family were together at Xmas time; when my dog/cat (or other pet) recovered from an injury or illness; when I successfully completed all of my studies; when I learned to ride a bike/horse etc for the first time (or mastered some other skill); when I saw my child on the stage in a school play; when I caught a fish…and the list goes on.

While many of these things still require ‘some’ money (e.g. courses; health care, etc) they generally don’t require vast amounts. In most instances – they do not require any money at all.

choose happiness

So, in my opinion, as long as our lives are ‘balanced’ and we work reasonable hours (preferably in an occupation that we enjoy); have plenty of time for relaxation and spending time with family and friends; eat healthily ‘most’ of the time (and ensure our body receives all of the required nutrients) and we have all of our basic needs met, then we usually have the ability to choose happiness.

If you struggle with finding happiness, consult your preferred health care practitioner, psychologist or counsellor – please don’t suffer in silence.

Note: If someone is suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental health disorder, they do not have the ability to simply ‘choose’ happiness and require professional help.

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