Diagnostic Tests

Sar can refer you for cutting-edge laboratory testing from almost anywhere in Australia. Generally, no matter where you live in Australia, Sar can organize access to an extensive range of pathology tests for you.

Many of these tests can be carried out from your home and sent to the lab for testing whereas others require you to attend your closest pathology collection centre or pathology clinic (for blood tests) using the referral form from Sar, our Naturopathic Practitioner. She networks with some of the best medical scientists and advanced scientific testing departments in the country, providing you with extensive evaluations of your health and individual biochemistry.

The human body has an amazing capacity to heal itself when provided with the right conditions. When the body has all it needs to function at an optimum rate it can prevent disease developing and/or heal itself from many disease states. As each person is unique in terms of biochemistry, metabolism and genetics, it makes no sense to assume that everyone requires the same vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and other nutrients. Each person has their own individual biochemistry and therefore we all have different nutrient requirements and treatment needs. Finding out what your body requires for optimum health and high vitality can be the best way to treat disease or prevent it from developing in the first place. In addition, our Naturopathic Practitioner, Sar Rooney, has extensive expertise in identifying the underlying causes of health problems and has helped countless clients reverse their health problems safely and permanently.

Screening methods available include:

Hormone saliva testing
Thyroid Assessments & Iodine testing
IgG food intolerance testing
Allergy testing

Nutrient Profiles

A large range of standard blood tests (if required)
Intestinal bacteria, yeast and parasite analysis
Intestinal permeability (“Leaky Gut”) testing

Neurotransmitter imbalances

Testing for Pyroluria
Blood group testing
Heavy metal testing
Urine and saliva testing
Hair mineral analysis
MTHFR Genetic testing
Stress and Sleep Hormone Profile
Blood pressure, Blood glucose, Free radical testing
Complete digestive stool analysis and testing for Candida
Coeliac testing and testing for Helicobacter Pylori and a large range of other functional medicine and pathology tests (if required).

Hormone Saliva Testing

Hormones control a large amount of functions within the body and therefore, if there are any errors within the hormonal system, the health of your whole body can become affected.  Hormonal imbalances can affect you mentally, emotionally and physically and can cause everything from Hot flushes, PMS, depression, weight gain, fatigue, hair loss, anxiety and mood swings to low sex drive, infertility, high blood pressure, skin problems and a whole range of other health conditions.

Therefore, in order to be really healthy it is vital that your whole endocrine (hormonal) system is in balance. The good news is that you can assess and treat your hormonal system safely and effectively. The  hormones your body has fallen short on producing can be restored naturally and the hormones that your body may have in excess, can generally be eliminated rapidly and effectively under the guidance of our naturopathic practitioner.

Reliable Hormone Testing

Saliva testing has been used to measure hormones since the late 1960s and has many advantages over serum testing. The most significant feature of saliva testing is that it reflects the non-protein bound ‘free’ fraction of hormones at a given point of time. As steroid hormones are predominantly bound to carrier proteins (cortisol binding protein, sex hormone binding globulin and albumin) in the blood, the unbound fraction is considered more readily available to the cells of the body. It is these ‘free’ hormones that best reflect your hormonally-related symptoms, rather than total or bound hormone levels (as measured in blood tests).

Furthermore, saliva testing effectively monitors the level of supplemented hormones as well as their absorption and utilization. Baseline hormone levels can be assessed and natural hormone replacement therapy can then be easily monitored and adjusted.

Saliva hormone testing is suitable for women of all ages and is simple, painless and non-invasive (it’s quite amazing how many health problems are caused by hormone levels that have fallen out of optimal range). And it’s equally impressive how quickly you can restore your body to vitality, with the right natural hormone therapy. In just a matter of weeks, people can begin looking better, feeling better, and living better — free of the symptoms that used to haunt them. You can, too. Click here to book an online or clinic consultation today so we can find out what your hormone levels are!

Did You Know That Heavy Metal Toxicity is Common
& Can Cause Serious Disease & Early Death?

Moderate to high levels of toxic metals may cause high blood pressure, suppressed immune function, significant developmental and neurological damage or may not cause any obvious symptoms at all. However, heavy metal toxicity may manifest as:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Learning difficulties
  • Depression
  • High blood pressure
  • Increased irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Memory Loss
  • Decreased libido
  • Heightened aggression & many other mental conditions
  • Large number of other potential symptoms or disorders depending on which toxic metal is excessive

Heavy metal toxicity is most often caused by the pollution in our environment but can also occur due to contamination from the use of some everyday products. Possible sources include personal care products, drinking water, chemical products, lead paint in older homes, preservatives in nasal sprays, dental fillings, fish or unpurified fish oil capsules high in mercury and other toxic substances, consuming fruit or vegetables from plants being watered by bio-cycle septic tanks, cadmium from some clear plastics used to cover food, building materials, plant fertilizers, Arsenic present in wood preservatives, fungicides, herbicides, corrosion inhibitors, and both lead and copper alloys. Heavy metals may also be found in seafood and animal feed, meaning they can be passed down the food chain.

We can provide heavy metal testing to you so you can find out whether you are at risk of these silent but insidious toxins.


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