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Planning to have a healthy baby should begin a long time before conception. Research demonstrates that the preparation of both the mother’s and father’s bodies may be critical to the future wellness of your children. When both parents are really healthy, they provide a favourable environment for a baby to develop, increasing the chances of stronger and healthier genetic coding and less risk of epigenetic factors which can result in chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, heart disease, cancer and other serious health problems in your offspring. Therefore, optimal preconception health care for both males and females can be essential in terms of determining the health of your baby for the rest of their life.

Male Health

Often men do not realise the importance of their own health when it comes to conception. Failing to conceive at all, experiencing miscarriage or the difference between having a healthy child or not, has been found in research to often have a link with the health status of the male. Therefore, ensuring fathers-to-be are as healthy as they can possibly be not only helps prevent disease in them but may also help ensure that future generations are much healthier and less susceptible to disease. Increasing nutrient levels by consuming a healthy diet along with correct supplementation, reducing toxins within their body, treating any chronic infections and addressing ongoing stress, can all help increase the likelihood of producing healthy babies.

However, both males and females should aim for optimal health prior to conception.

Preconception Health Care        

Women planning to conceive should try to achieve optimum health beforehand to help prevent infertility, miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, and defects in foetal programming which can result in a large range of health disorders in your offspring as well as delayed growth and potential problems with cognitive functioning.

Factors to Consider Include:            

Reducing high toxin levels by following a scientifically developed detoxification program under the guidance of a qualified health care practitioner, maintaining a healthy diet and ensuring you do not lack essential nutrients during pregnancy. Other potentially harmful factors to be aware of are obesity, infections, ongoing stress, and other elements, as these can all play a large role in the future health of your children. Even the occasional alcoholic drink or caffeine can result in changes to the epigenetic coding of your foetus, potentially making them more susceptible to health problems later in life.

Preventative Health Care    

To help ensure you provide your children with health benefits that last their whole life long, try to aim for low toxin levels by enjoying a healthy lifestyle, feeling less stressed and consuming a balanced, nutritious diet. In addition, ensuring you have the correct amounts of essential nutrients that are necessary for a glowing, healthy pregnancy and for the ultimate optimal development of your child are the keys to helping ensure your baby gets the best possible start to life. These factors can significantly increase the chances of healthy foetal development and reduce the risks of epigenetic alterations which can affect them for life.

Please see your naturopathic physician for individual health care advice about the most important nutrient supplementation, optimal nutrition and other essential elements that are necessary for healthy foetal development.

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