High Oestrogen Levels Can Seriously Affect Our Health

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Oestrogen dominance occurs when oestrogen and progesterone are out of balance caused by too much oestrogen and not enough progesterone. This imbalance can be exacerbated by the massive amounts of xenobiotics in the environment as well as other factors. Xenobiotics are created primarily from industrial chemicals, animal growth hormones, plastic products that have entered our food chain, pesticides and herbicide application. These Xenobiotics are causing havoc with women’s and men’s balance of oestrogen and progesterone. In girls as young as 14 years old it can create many short and long term health problems from PMS, abdominal cramps and fluid retention through to infertility. In young men it can cause weight gain, erectile dysfunction, infertility and other health problems. In middle-aged and older people, excess oestrogen can cause more serious imbalances in the body.

Excessive oestrogen has the potential to lower the metabolism by suppressing thyroid function and by storing blood sugar as fat. Oestrogen also stimulates the growth of breast and uterine tissue. It is the chief cause of PMS, fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and other hormone imbalances. These oestrogenic effects are supposed to be balanced by progesterone, but in most women and some men, they are not – due to insufficient levels of progesterone. It is important that oestrogen dominance is addressed as a matter of priority as it can influence all the other hormones. Oestrogen imbalance is a particular problem for obese people – both men and women. Oestrogen can be produced by enzymes made by adipose (fat) tissue that convert other hormones into oestrogen, thereby accelerating the obesity and the oestrogen excess! In addition, the oestrogen removal process in the liver can break the oestrogen down into various substances, one of which may lead to an increased incidence of autoimmune diseases.

Furthermore, according to an article in the Sunday Mail (26.9.10: 28):

“High oestrogen levels in women while ovulating may be responsible for sluggishness or problems concentrating, a Canadian study has found. Researchers at Concordia University, Montreal, have linked high oestrogen levels in rats to an inability to pay attention and learn, similar to high levels shown to interfere with women’s ability to pay attention”.

The following information is taken from “Are Your Hormones Driving You Mad?”

The signs and symptoms of oestrogen excess may include any of the following:

In women:

Fluid retention and abdominal bloating
Weight gain, especially in lower body which is hard to lose
Mood swings/Weepiness
Depression/Sadness – esp. before a period
Anxiety and irritability – esp. before a period
Insomnia – esp. before a period
Accelerated ageing
Frequent thrush
High blood pressure
Sugar and Carbohydrate craving
Decreased sex drive
Foggy thinking
Dry eyes
Fibrocystic breasts/Breast tenderness
Gall bladder problems
Premenstrual headaches and migraines
Heavy or irregular bleeding
Miscarriage – esp. in first trimester
Low thyroid function
Abnormal blood clotting
Auto-immune disorder (e.g. Lupus)
Breast cancer
Endometrial cancer (uterine cancer)

In Men, excess oestrogen can cause any of the following signs or symptoms:

Fatigue, Insomnia
Hair loss
Weight gain
Fluid retention and abdominal bloating
Anxiety, Irritability, Depression
Breast enlargement
High blood pressure
Carbohydrate craving
Diminished sex drive
Foggy thinking
Dry eyes
Gall bladder problems
Low thyroid function
Abnormal blood clotting
Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
Prostate cancer


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