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Thousands of clinical trials have proven the benefits of nutrient supplementation in relation to the treatment of disease and disease preventation and with the growing science of ‘Epigenetics’, scientists have found that taking certain nutrients can even prevent the expression of particular diseases in those that are genetically susceptible.

The well-researched benefits of nutrient supplementation is vast and includes well-known disease prevention such as neural tube defects in babies being avoided due to expectant mothers taking Folic acid supplements; Omega 3 fatty acids helping many cardiovascular system problems and reducing arthritic symptoms; Co-Enzyme Q10 supplementation being required by those that take Lipitor or other statin drugs in order to prevent serious heart disease; Magnesium is often needed to relax muscles and to help reduce high blood pressure and the list goes on….

Furthermore, teenagers generally have high nutrient requirements due to their rapid growth phases and need supplements to allow their bodies to grow properly through to the elderly requiring nutrient supplementation, including particular digestive supplements, to improve the absorption of all nutrients which older bodies often struggle to utilize. In addition, those that suffer from regular stress, have a poor diet, are pregnant or lactating, suffer from any chronic illness, have food allergies, take any medications (as all drugs cause certain nutrient deficiencies including the contraceptive pill), smoke cigarettes or drink excess alcohol, overcook their foods such as boiling them, store their foods too long, drink excess tea or coffee or those who push their bodies to the max (e.g. athletes)-  all require more nutrients than what the average western diet provides them.

As high-quality, naturally-derived, individually-prescribed nutrient supplements offer so many health benefits, it is not surprising that so many people take them these days as part of their disease prevention program, in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Consult your Naturopathic Physician to find out which nutrients your biologically-unique body requires to improve your health and long-term wellness.



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