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Fingers provide information on predisposition to osteoarthritis

The lower the ratio between index finger (2D) and ring finger (4D), the higher the risk of developing severe osteoarthritis in the knee leading to total knee replacement. In a study published in “Rheumatology”, scientists write that hormonal factors could also play a role.

According to anthropological studies, men have a lower average 2D:4D finger length ratio than women. The researchers assume that hormonal factors may also play a role, which could account for the well-documented difference in prevalence of osteoarthritis between men and women.

In their study, Yuanyuan Wang and his colleagues at MonashUniversity (Australia) assessed hand photocopies of more than 14,500 middle-aged and older people who participated in the Melbourne Collaborative Cohort Study. During the average 10.5-year follow-up, 580 people had knee replacements and 499 had hip replacements due to severe osteoarthritis.

A lower 2D:4D ratio indicated a higher incidence of knee replacement, while there was no significant association with hip replacement. This was demonstrated both in the left as well as the right hand, even if the risk was higher with the right hand.

The study results may in part be explained by joint injuries associated with high-level physical activities in people with a lower 2D:4D finger ratio and the higher predisposition to severe osteoarthritis in the knee. Previous studies showed a negative correlation between sporting ability and the 2D:4D ratio. However, they might also reflect hormonal influences on growth of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue. According to the researchers, further investigation was therefore necessary.

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