Researchers Make Surprise Discovery About Vegan Diets

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Vegan and vegetarian diets are more effective at weight loss than Atkins or paleo-style diets, according to the results of a meta-analysis involving 1000 dieters in 12 randomly controlled trials. The greatest weight loss is in vegans. 

The data support observational studies that suggest vegetarian diets are good for weight control. However, the latest evidence shows an even stronger effect than documented in previous randomised trials.

The authors suggest that the abundant intake of whole grains, fruits and vegetables might play a role in the favourable results.

Nonetheless, the long term effects of vegetarian, and in particular vegan diets, on body weight remain unclear.

“The short duration of these trials (between nine and 74 weeks) also limits the available information on other clinically relevant outcomes such as cardiovascular morbidity and cardiovascular risk factors,” write the study authors in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.

“Vegetarian diets are more effective than non-vegetarian diets for weight loss,” says lead author, Dr Ru-Yi Huang of E-DaHospital in Taiwan.

However, he says longer-term intervention trials are needed to investigate the effect of vegetarian diets on weight control and cardiometabolic risk.

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