10 Reasons To Consult Earth Medicine ™ For Your Health

1. You are seeking genuine solutions to your health problems.

2. You desire safe, superior-quality naturopathic treatments that are evidence-based and have proven effectiveness.

3. You want to put your trust in a practitioner that is university-qualified, is a respected health scientist with extensive clinical experience and knowledge of a diverse range of treatments. You prefer to receive health advice from a practitioner that has a strong scientific background and keeps up to date with the latest advances in scientific health research from around the world and is also well-qualified in naturopathic medicine.

4. You require accurate detection of your underlying problems through correct analysis and the appropriate, science-based diagnostic tests – giving you quality of life and saving you time, money and the need to seek endless treatments.

5. You want to find effective treatments for your problems that no-one else could treat successfully and you want to achieve optimal health and high vitality and treat any biochemical imbalances before they develop into disease.

6. You would like access to cutting-edge, natural hormone therapy and hormone testing to help balance your hormonal system safely and effectively.

7. You require an easy to follow weight loss program to help your body burn fat rapidly that does not require willpower, counting calories or avoiding deserts.

8. You are wanting to increase your energy, substantially improve your health and take back control of your life.

9. You are feeling overwhelmed and want relief from constant stress and anxiety and you need support during difficult times in your life.

10. You would like to find out the best possible nutrients for your biologically unique body to help you prevent future disease.

We Can Help You With All This And Much More…


*Please note: Sar is not currently offering clinic consultations. All consultations are now by phone and online.

Consultations at our clinic are available for people residing locally or long distance clients that are prepared to travel to achieve optimum health. We have clients from Adelaide and throughout South Australia including Victor Harbor, Port Elliot and Goolwa, Murray Bridge, Mannum, and the Adelaide Hills including Mount Barker, Littlehampton, Nairne, Hahndorf, Stirling, Bridgewater and other Adelaide Hills locations. In addition, our clinic clients come from far and wide including Mount Gambier and Port Lincoln in SA, and from all around Australia and New Zealand and they also consult Sar via phone and online appointments. However, to save time and money, many of our local clients are also now choosing to seek Sara’s advice online or by phone rather than attending clinic appointments. Although online and phone appointments need to be booked ahead, many of our clients find this method of health care is much more convenient for them as they don’t need to leave home yet they still receive the same level of professional health care.

We also offer cutting-edge laboratory testing through various pathology labs throughout Australia including:

Hormone saliva testing, Urinalysis, IgG food intolerance testing, Intestinal bacteria, yeast and parasite analysis, Neurotransmitter imbalances, Blood group testing, Thyroid assessments, Intestinal permeability (“Leaky Gut”) testing, Heavy metal analysis, pH testing, Hair mineral analysis, MTHFR Genetic testing, Pyroluria testing and a large range of other pathology tests (as required). Referrals for pathology tests can also be provided to our long-distance clients via phone and online consultations. Please refer to ‘Diagnostic Tests’ for more information.

Long-Distance clients

For those that prefer to consult Sar in-person, we can arrange extended clinic bookings for our long-distance clients in order to provide adequate time for comprehensive test procedures in one session. If required, accommodation is available at the Strathalbyn Motel and the Victoria Hotel and there are a number of other great places to stay in Strathalbyn. Alternatively, clients that live in Australia or New Zealand may prefer online or phone consultations. Please refer below for more information.

Strathalbyn, South Australia


Due to Sar Rooney’s extensive knowledge in effective treatments for the areas of health she consults in, people from all over Australia and New Zealand consult her for health advice.

We provide one of the most comprehensive online health assessments available and ongoing health care is available by phone or online. Assessing your health has never been easier – all from the comfort of your own home. If you would like individual professional health advice at a reasonable price and without leaving home, click here to find out more.

Achieve Your Optimum Health & Wellbeing with Naturopathic Health Care

We Offer Safe, Effective & Proven Treatments for the Following Problems:

  • Menopause symptoms such as hot flushes, irritability, mood swings, low libido, weight gain, fatigue and depression: Cutting-edge Hormone Testing & Natural Therapies to Help Balance Your Hormonal System Safely & Effectively.
  • Anxiety disorders – aiming to identify and resolve the underlying causes of your condition through appropriate biochemical and metabolic testing, counselling and naturopathic medicines that have proven effectiveness in calming the nervous system so that you can achieve a much more relaxed, happier and more productive life.
  • Depression – We offer a range of safe and effective treatments for depression as well as counselling services to try to resolve your problems. The appropriate tests to try to identify any underlying biochemical or metabolic causes can also be organized.
  • Fatigue – We aim to identify the underlying causes of your fatigue and treat it at its core!
  • Pre-Menstrual Problems such as pain & cramping, headaches, mood swings, sugar cravings and other hormonal symptoms can be treated accurately and permanently.
  • Digestive Disorders such as IBS, Reflux, GORD, Indigestion, Bloating, Heartburn, Chronic Constipation, Colitis and many other gastrointestinal problems can often be treated safely and effectively.
  • Excess Weight – Effective, easy to follow fat loss programs to help you Burn Fat Quickly without going hungry!
  • Yeast conditions such as candida: we have proven treatment methods for this common but irritating condition.
  • Scientifically-Developed, Integrated Detoxification programs to rid your body of toxins, parasites, bacteria & heavy metals.
  • Thyroid imbalances – reliable assessments of thyroid function and advanced safe and effective naturopathic treatments for thyroid conditions.
  • Insomnia – We can help you with proven naturopathic treatment methods for sleep problems.
  • Headaches & Migraines: Don’t just treat the pain – consult Sar to try to find out the underlying cause so you can be treated accurately.
  • Poor Immunity – Do you keep catching coughs, colds or stomach viruses? Find out how we can help you increase your immune function to reduce the likelihood of developing viruses and bacterial infections with effective naturopathic formulas that have been clinically proven to increase immune function.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies – Do you know which nutrients your body requires? We offer comprehensive test procedures to identify nutrient deficiencies & help you treat them accordingly.
  • Allergies and Food intolerances – We offer allergy testing and food intolerance testing and the correct treatments for sufferers, and we understand the underlying causes of most allergic reactions, hayfever or food intolerances.
  • Infertility/Recurrent Miscarriages: We have helped many so-called ‘infertile’ couples to have healthy, happy babies – even after they were told they never would! Pregnancy Preparation & Natural Fertility Treatments May Give Your Baby The Best Start in Life.
  • Disease Prevention – Do you know which Nutrients you should be taking? What foods you should be eating? These factors may be vital for disease prevention!
  • Naturopathic Health Care for Women is our Specialization – Safe & Effective Solutions For a Range of Health Problems.

To Achieve Optimal Health and Begin Living A High Quality Life Full Of Energy & Vitality Contact Us Today To Arrange Your Personal Consultation. 

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