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The latest news on certain nutrient supplements helping to treat depression may be enlightening to some……but unfortunately the research results should be treated with caution.

Rather than rushing out to buy these supplements I urge you to consult a Naturopathic Medicine practitioner or doctor, particularly one that specialises in genetic conditions, nutritional medicine and mental health.

The latest research on nutrient supplements has found that Omega 3’s are the stand out nutrients when it comes to depression. However, what the researchers may not be aware of is that Omega 3’s should be avoided in people that have certain genetic polymorphisms (mutations) such as Pyroluria ( This condition increases the likelihood of anxiety and depression and affects around 10% of the population, but most people are not aware they possess these genes.

In addition, the generalised findings in this research that Vitamin D, methylfolate and SAMe may be helpful in the treatment of depression should also be considered with great caution.

This information approaches mental health in a ‘one size fits all’ manner, which can be very damaging to the individual’s health if their unique biochemistry and genetic make-up are not considered properly.

For example, this particular research indicates that SAMe can be useful in the treatment of depression yet if someone was suffering from Histapenia (Low histamine levels which can result in depression, anxiety, poor memory, etc) – then SAMe should always be avoided as their body is already over-methylating and taking this supplement could be very harmful to both their mental and physical health. Instead, patients with Histapenia may be better off taking supplements such as Vitamins B3, B6, B12, Zinc and a number of other nutrients which may help their body to methylate normally as long as they were prescribed by a health care practitioner after the appropriate tests were taken to ensure these were the right treatments for them.

As always, when it comes to your health, don’t self-medicate just because of something you have read or heard in the media or based on the ‘latest research’, as your health is far too important to just follow the masses.

Supplements should only ever be taken once the correct tests have shown what ‘your’ biological requirements are – as these are going to be different for everyone.

Please consult your Naturopathic Medicine practitioner or doctor for individual advice.

This is the research that is currently gaining lots of media exposure – But as I said, don’t just follow the crowd when it comes to your health…….


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