Sun Screen Dangers For Children

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Teachers restrict sunscreens over safety concerns

By Simon Lauder

ABC News. Updated Wed May 18, 2011

According to Simon Lauder:

“Teachers are concerned about the use of sunscreen containing nanoparticles.

The Australian Education Union (AEU) wants to restrict the types of sunscreens used at schools. The union says sunscreen with nanoparticles poses unacceptable safety risks. Nanoparticles make sunscreen rub in better, but the Victorian branch of the AEU says the safety evidence is inconclusive. It has passed a resolution which calls on teachers to only use sunscreen which is free of nanoparticles.

The union’s Victorian president, Mary Bluett, says Victorian teachers are the first to move against nanoparticle sunscreen, but that may not be the last. “It’s certainly something that I’ll raise with my colleagues at federal executive,” she said. She says they consider it to be a duty of care issue.

“There is a growing body of research that cautions around these very very tiny particles and how they can be transmitted through the skin. “While we don’t know the potential impact, there are worrying signs.” The Cancer Council says there is no evidence that nanoparticles in sunscreen do pose a risk. Craig Sinclair from the Cancer Council of Victoria says it is fine to restrict the type of sunscreens, as long as schools do not stop providing it. “That would be a real negative outcome for students and that would be a real concern,” he said”.

Sar’s comments:       

You May Want To Ask Your Children’s School What Kind Of Sunscreen They Are Using On Your Kids And Consider Providing Your Own If You Are Not Happy With the Response.  Keep in mind that even if the schools sunscreen products do not contain nanoparticles, due to restricted funding, they are presumably still going to be the cheap and nasty kind that are probably loaded with harmful chemicals. I recommend the more natural sunscreen products to my clients that are zinc based.   



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