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CALIFORNIA MEDICAL SCHOOL EMBRACES NATURAL REMEDIES SANDIEGO — Whether it’s using St. John’s Wort to fight minor depression or acupuncture to help manage a migraine, experts say San Diego is fertile ground for natural medicine. In recent years, some of the region’s largest and most traditional health care systems have begun to integrate holistic and […]


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HOMEOPATHY HAS PLENTY OF EVIDENCE Whenever I hear a doctor, vet or anyone else say that Homeopathy doesn’t work and it’s only a Placebo, I am surprised by this due to the significant and successful clinical results achieved with homeopathic remedies in the treatment of disease. Although herbal medicines, nutrient therapies and a healthy diet can […]

What Evidence Exists That ‘Mainstream’ Medical Treatments Are Safe or Effective?

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There has been much discussion, commentary and debate over a recent newspaper article urging universities to shut down natural medicine courses. ATMS Board Member David Stelfox shares his response: Dwyer’s approach has always been to present the illusion that all Complementary and Alternative medical approaches are without research-based evidence while all conventional medical treatments are […]

There’s Something Huge Happening in the World Of Naturopathic Health Care

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Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream!  The National Institute of Complementary Medicine has released a report on the Cost Effectiveness of Complementary Medicines. The report was conducted by Access Economics. Economic Report Finds Complementary Medicine Could Ease Health Budget. University of Western Sydney (UWS) Latest News Date: 13/09/2010 “A study into the cost effectiveness of complementary medicine […]