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Do you suffer from fatigue, flatulence, headaches, bloating, excess burping, indigestion, joint pain, sinus congestion, skin rashes, stiffness, constipation or diarrhoea, or are you finding it hard to lose those excess kilos? If you said “Yes” to one or more of these, you may have a food intolerance. WHAT IS A FOOD INTOLERANCE? Food intolerance […]


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MAY I BE FRANK Recently I watched a DVD from the US called ‘May I Be Frank’ and personally, I thought it was one of the most B-grade, boring docos I have ever watched and wouldn’t recommend it to anyone but I would like to share something that was shown on there with you…. The story […]

Do You Suffer From Hayfever or Sinus Congestion?

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Many people suffer in silence from allergies but allergies are not something that you simply have to put up with! It is possible to manage your allergies naturally. Common allergy symptoms include sneezing, sinus congestion, itchy eyes, persistent cough, wheezing, asthma, headaches, and skin disorders such as eczema. If you have allergies, as well as […]