Our Centre Grows Busier Every Year Thanks To Our Loyal Clients Referring Others To Us.

“Here is what some of them have had to say about us over the last 20 years…

I now feel 10 years younger!

“I had tried many practitioners before coming to see Sara Rooney (GP’s, specialists, naturopaths, and a homeopath) to try to resolve a long-term health problem & I never gained the results I have achieved with Sara. There is no comparison when it comes to resolving health problems. Not only has that problem been fixed but I now feel 10 years younger!”

R. Evans
Murray Bridge, SA

Her expertise has been a MIRACLE to me and I thank and recommend her every day.

“Without Sara Rooney’s professional help I can honestly say I would not have the health I have today. Her treatment and care has given me back my life – free of the unbearable pain and suffering that I had been  experiencing for over 15 years with a debilitating skin condition.

Sara was able to give me a name and treatment for the problem plus her suggestion of having other tests done resulted in being able to give me complete professional help for another terrible disease. Her expertise has been a MIRACLE to me and I thank and recommend her every day.”

Thanks So Much.
Yvette Holdsworth
Strathalbyn SA.

Now able to get on with life in a positive, happy way.

“The Earth Medicine clinic has been a valued part of my life for several years now, and I’m grateful for the positive changes Sara and her staff have helped me make to my life.  Their help has meant my progression from someone experiencing constant pain and physical stress, to someone able to get on with life in a positive, happy way. Their honest, practical and professional solutions to health and wellness issues have been and continue to be invaluable.”

Sarah Paech
Adelaide Hills

Sara is a miracle worker. I just wish I had seen her many years ago.

“What can I say about Sara Rooney? Simply that she has literally saved my life! Before seeing Sara I had been to many different practitioners who could never find the reasons for my severe health problems and therefore never really helped me at all. For years I sought help with some of the so-called best specialists in the medical field. Sara not only identified the reasons for my illnesses but she made sure that all of the reasons no longer existed and boy was she determined to reverse them all – and reverse them she did! It didn’t happen overnight but then neither did my illnesses. I now look forward to each day with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I now have the energy to keep up with my 5 grandchildren and no longer have the pain that used to accompany me 24/7. Sara is a miracle worker – I just wish I had seen her many years ago.”

M. Belafonte
Sydney, NSW

No More Drugs Required.

“I was taking 7 prescription medications a day when I first went to see Sara – Now I do not need any. What more can I say?”

Richard H.
Geelong, Victoria

My energy levels have skyrocketed & my depression is a thing of the past.

“I went to see Sara about 6 months ago after suffering from unexplained weight gain and fatigue for years. My GP ran some tests but could never find anything wrong with me and almost insinuated it was ‘All in my head”. My sister told me to go and see Sara as she had really helped her with all her health problems. I’m SO glad I did!

I have now lost over 20 kgs, and feel absolutely fabulous. My energy levels have skyrocketed and my depression is a thing of the past. Sara identified problems in my body that no-one else had even found and, better still, she knew exactly how to fix them. I would thoroughly recommend Sara Rooney to everyone – she is an excellent practitioner.”

Terry R.
Victor Harbor, SA

We have great faith in Sara’s proficient knowledge and she is definitely the first person we contact for health issues.

“Sara’s professional advice and treatments have made a huge difference with the health of our teenage daughter. She was diagnosed with glandular fever two years ago and we expected a long recovery from the disease, however with the expert help she received from Sara, her health rapidly improved within days stunning the doctor as well as us. In less than two weeks she was back playing sport, an almost impossible task compared to other students that had the same illness and seemed to suffer problems for months!”

“It didn’t stop there. Last year our daughter sought advice from Sara concerning possible Celiac disease and once commencing Sara’s treatment she noticed a vast improvement in her overall health. She can now enjoy certain foods from time to time without the fear of “suffering the consequences” for days after.” “We have great faith in Sara’s proficient knowledge and she is definitely the first person we contact for health issues.” “Thanks Sara for all your help, advice and kindness.”

Sharon Hassam
Strathalbyn, SA.

A Much Happier, Healthier Boy!

“What a turning point seeing Sara regarding my son Harrison’s asthma. Since being on his treatment and a bit of a change to his diet we have seen a huge difference with his asthma. Not only that, he is a much happier boy, more focused and very healthy. Thank you.”

Skye Strange
Strathalbyn, SA

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How do I get started?

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