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Most people do not realize the potential risks of buying ‘off the shelf’ supplements, which is why most naturopathic practitioners never recommend this. Many nutrient supplement companies severely compromise your health by using potentially harmful, cheap fillers in their natural products. Fillers such as talcum powder, shellac, unstable oils and many other cancer-causing agents have been found in cheap supplements. These companies are in business to make money – not to make you healthier!

They need to make big profits for their shareholders which is why they employ ‘celebrities and sports stars’ to sell their products to the public and why they pour millions into their marketing campaigns. Unlike most ‘Off the shelf’products – The formulas that I prescribe are developed especially for practitioners to prescribe to their patients (not to be made cheaply so shareholders make bigger profits) but treatments that I and other practitioners can rely on to get the therapeutic results required in their patients. As qualified practitioners our reputations rest on getting results so I would never consider recommending inferior products to my clients.

I only ever recommend and prescribe safe and effective medicines and supplements that have been clinically tested and that meet the following criteria:

* They need to be Guaranteed to be free from harmful cheap fillers, toxic pesticide residues & dangerous heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium and aluminum, that are commonly found in other supplements.

* They need to contain therapeutic levels of each ingredient – not just a little bit of this and a tiny bit of that to impress you into buying the product and the nutrients used need to be the most easily utilized by the body (most cheap forms will just go straight through you!).

* They need to be natural forms of nutrients – not synthetic!

* The supplement companies that I rely on for my patients spend millions of dollars each year on scientific research to develop products with powerful biochemical activity & the highest absorption rates and to ensure their formulas contain nutrients & herbs in correctly balanced ratios to deliver optimal therapeutic results. Many cheaper, mass market producers compromise on the quality of raw materials & manufacturing processes.

* The companies I recommend need to use the best manufacturing processes when producing supplements – Avoiding the use of excess heat, moisture & compaction – which can reduce the biological activity of many nutrients and herbs. In addition, the companies I rely on do not use the common reactive binders, fillers & synthetic additives which many producers use and which may be unsafe and can cause short-term or long-term side effects.

* The treatments I prescribe have to have a very high percentage of success – my reputation as a practitioner relies on getting results! The supplements and herbal medicines that I prescribe cannot be compared to products available ‘off the shelf’ from retail outlets. In my clinical experience, these products usually have very limited effect or no effect at all.

Serious Quality Issues with ‘Off the Shelf’ Supplements

For a number of years, I have been troubled by the safety and quality issues of these products (as described above) and, at the very least, have found that many of them have excessive binders which result in a reduced ability to dissolve or absorb their ingredients. In addition, from many years of research, I’ve found that a large number of retail supplements do not contain the therapeutic doses of the active substances claimed on the label and, as I said, are only manufactured to deliver profits to shareholders rather than health benefits to consumers.

Therefore, I only ever prescribe nutrient and herbal supplements from companies that are at the fore-front in the field of integrative medicine that I feel confident will provide effective results for my clients. I wouldn’t ever give ‘off the shelf’ multi-vitamins, herbal supplements, fish oil capsules or any other cheap or inferior nutrient supplements to my patients or family members, including my dogs!

If you want effective solutions to your health problems and you want to  achieve a new state of Well-being, thus maximizing your quality of life – I recommend you only take the highest quality herbal formulas and nutrient supplements available through your naturopathic practitioner. Why compromise your health?

Yours In Great Health,

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