The Emerging Epidemics Of Childhood

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Rather than a time of innocence and happiness, childhood has become a difficult health battle for many. Soaring rates of obesity, allergies, eczema, neurodevelopmental disorders and learning issues have practitioners, parents and teachers all struggling to cope. Like the canaries in the coal mines, our children have become sensitive indicators of the substantial changes that have taken place in our diets, lifestyles and increasingly toxic environment. Whilst modern medicine has so far had limited success with these complex conditions, pioneering practitioners are taking a whole-systems approach to treatment and are rewriting the rules of medicine in the process. Naturopathic healthcare practitioners are ideally placed to lead the development of this new paradigm of healing throughout our community, and can offer effective treatment strategies in these important areas.

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A Healthy Childhood Starts Before Conception                                           

Recent advances in our understanding of the role of epigenetics have indicated that the nutritional status, toxic load, hormonal profile and stress levels of parents-to-be can significantly impact on rates of miscarriage, birth outcomes and childhood development. Combined with changing fertility patterns and older parental age at the birth of the first child, many practitioners are reporting a substantial increase in the numbers of patients looking to optimise fertility and birth outcomes. (Metagenics Nov. 2010, E-Med). Particular genetic polymorphisms such as Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) and Pyroluria can also affect the chances of conceiving or of a full-term pregnancy.

Naturopathic health practitioners that specialise in genetic polymorphisms, hormonal imbalances and other biochemical and metabolic imbalances that can be associated with infertility, can provide clinical strategies for the preparation of conception of both partners as well as advanced techniques for the integrative management of patients undergoing assisted fertility interventions.

To create the best environment for your baby to grow in, it is important to ensure your body is receiving all of the nutrients it needs (including those required for your individual genetic requirements); is low in toxin levels; you have optimum hormonal balance and you can deal with life’s stresses in a non-harmful manner. Your Naturopathic health care practitioner may be able to provide all the advice you need to help you achieve this balance.

For professional advice in Naturopathic health care for preconception health and a healthy pregnancy, please contact our clinic to make an appointment.

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