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“When you have your health, you have a million dreams……

  When you don’t have your health, you only have one dream”.

If you are a client of mine, you would be aware that I live and breathe what I preach about health and have for most of my life. You would also be aware that I spent many years at universities and colleges studying the health sciences and all of the primary aspects of disease prevention as well as the most effective naturopathic treatments for various conditions.

I feel that disease prevention is a core element of naturopathic health care as Naturopathic practitioners are highly trained in the nutritional and lifestyle practices that aim to prevent disease, and they are also aware of the most appropriate supplements for each person’s individual requirements. Naturopathic practitioners can also play a key role in identifying and resolving your health problems and symptoms.

Modern naturopathic health care consists of identifying the underlying causes of disease through the use of reliable pathology testing and precise (and extensive) case history taking.

Once the underlying problems have been identified, a well-qualified Naturopathic practitioner will draw upon a rich repository of nutritional science, orthomolecular therapy, herbal medicine, epigenetics, environmental medicine and other forms of science-based, naturopathic medicine that have the potential to reverse many diseases and prevent future illnesses (as the doctor in the video below points out).

While this doctor in the video should be applauded for his approach to health care – as it is in line with the way that most naturopaths view disease – the problem is that many medical doctors are not trained in the areas of health he is referring to or, at best, they have only completed crash courses in these subjects.

At the risk of repeating myself, these areas of health care are generally the domain of naturopathy – not western medicine. In fact, the information this doctor provides is considered to be fairly basic aspects of naturopathic philosophy.

In my opinion, an ideal health system incorporates naturopathic health care for the treatment of chronic illnesses and the prevention of disease and general western medicine for the treatment of acute diseases and injuries and when surgery is required.


I have included a link below to a video that I would recommend you watch if you are serious about wanting to prevent disease.

In this video, the doctor suggests that all disease can be prevented and talks about some of the known causes, and I agree with his views.

If you are a long-standing client of mine, you would have heard me talk about all of these factors over the last few years. However, I’d still recommend that you watch the video, even if it’s only to refresh your memory. Speaking of which, he talks about preventing Alzheimer’s and covers all of the lifestyle factors that I’ve discussed in the past that are known to cause this condition.

So, I’d recommend that you make yourself a cuppa then watch the video (it goes for about 18 minutes).

You can watch it here:

I would love to hear what your thoughts are about it afterwards!

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Yours in Great Health, 

Sar Rooney BHSc., ND., DC., DASc., GDSc. (Hons), MATMS, MHATO

Naturopathic Medicine Practitioner, Lecturer, Researcher & Counsellor 

Sar has advanced qualifications in the health sciences and naturopathic medicine and is an accomplished lecturer, practitioner & counsellor with 24 years clinical experience.

Specializing in Anxiety & Depression | Women’s Health | Chronic Fatigue |  Hormonal Imbalances | Thyroid Disorders | Digestive Health | Autoimmune Disease| Genetic Polymorphisms & Nutrigenomics | Nutritional Medicine | Counselling | Optimal Wellness & Disease Prevention with a Clinical Focus on Identifying & Resolving the Underlying Causes of Symptoms and Disease.  

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