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Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream! 

The National Institute of Complementary Medicine has released a report on the Cost Effectiveness of Complementary Medicines. The report was conducted by Access Economics.

Economic Report Finds Complementary Medicine Could Ease Health Budget.

University of Western Sydney (UWS) Latest News
Date: 13/09/2010

“A study into the cost effectiveness of complementary medicine in Australia has found the nation could potentially save millions in healthcare costs without compromising patient outcomes if complementary medicine is more widely used. The research conducted by Access Economics for the National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM) at the University of Western Sydney examined the cost effectiveness of selected complementary medicine (CM) treatments for some of Australia’s most common and costly chronic health problems including: low back pain, heart disease, depression and arthritis.

Access Economics analysed interventions such as St John’s wort, fish oils, acupuncture and an herbal anti-inflammatory preparation. Professor Alan Bensoussan, Executive Director of NICM, says the growing scientific evidence for complementary medicine as an effective adjunct or replacement for some standard treatments demands the economic benefits of complementary medicine also be systematically studied.

“The clinical evidence showing some complementary medicine can play a vital role in improving an individual’s health has been clear for some time, now this report shows complementary medicine could also improve the health of the healthcare system,” says Professor Bensoussan, who is also Director of the Centre for Complementary Medicine Research at UWS.

Lynne Pezzullo, Director of Access Economics, says the ‘Cost effectiveness of complementary medicines’ report identified substantial dollar savings even though only the direct healthcare costs were examined and indirect costs, such as productivity losses, were excluded.

“The economic benefits of complementary medicine would be much larger than we report if the significant flow-on benefits of keeping people healthy, able to work and out of an already over stretched hospital system were included,” says Ms Pezzullo.

The report authors acknowledged the added expense of the Goods and Services Tax on complementary medicines may impede more wide use of some treatments and recommended governments review their strategy as evidence for the clinical and cost effectiveness of the CM grows”.

This is great news for the naturopathic health field!

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