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It often surprises me when a client’s idea of a healthy breakfast is weetbix and cow’s milk; muesli or other similar start to their day (and often their children are given this too!). When you begin your day with a high carbohydrate load like this, it can make you feel drowsy, cause weight gain, increase your risk of blood glucose imbalances and generally, this way of eating just won’t sustain you. Unless you are about to run a marathon (and therefore you need a big hit of carbs), it’s usually much better to start your day with a healthy protein meal. For those of you that may not be used to thinking about breakfast ideas that don’t involve opening a cardboard box, I have included a few protein-rich, healthy breakfast ideas below to get you started:

A Dozen Healthy Protein Breakfast Choices

• Poached eggs with mushrooms, capsicum, onions, garlic and tomatoes all lightly fried in coconut oil or soft boiled eggs with mountain bread.
• Lightly fried Haloumi from the Kangaroo Island sheep dairy with mango, pineapple, walnuts, grated carrot and apple.
• Grilled fish and fried mushrooms, onions and capsicum and a cup of Miso.
• Ricotta cheese with fresh mango slices on toasted Essene bread.
• Omelette made with 2-3 organic eggs, goats cheese and 1 cup of finely chopped fried vegetables eg: mushroom, capsicum, tomato, onion, spinach plus garlic, chives and tamari.
• Scrambled eggs and salmon on toasted Essene bread.
• Mixed berries or seasonal fruit with a tablespoon of goat’s yogurt or plain yogurt and LSA mix sprinkled on top (LSA = Ground Linseed, sunflower and almonds).
• Amaranth porridge with rice milk or almond milk.
• Scrambled tofu and mushrooms with garlic and tamari.
• Home-made vegetable and fruit juice (e.g. carrot, spinach, beetroot, parsley, pineapple, apple, lemon) with added raw egg, sesame seeds and chia seeds (available from good health food stores).

And for those of you that are always in a hurry:

• Tinned sardines or salmon (in spring water) with sliced tomato or tomato salsa on high quality sourdough bread or Essene bread.
• A high-quality protein shake with added berries.

I hope that has got you thinking ‘outside of the (cereal) box’ when it comes to a healthy way to start your day!

Let me know if you have some great healthy protein breakfast ideas of your own.

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