Why Protecting & Encouraging a Healthy Microbiome is So Essential

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Why Protecting & Encouraging a Healthy Microbiome is So Essential

For every cell in the human body, there are about 10 nonhuman cells. These microbial residents of our gut, skin, eyes and nasal passages collectively are referred to as the “microbiome” — and research of its role in human health has revealed enough surprising discoveries that the National Institutes of Health has launched an international Human Microbiome Project.

The human microbiome refers specifically to the community of microorganisms that live in and on the human body (or any “host” animal) and their collective genome, which interacts with our host genes. The microbiota (formerly called “microflora”) refers to the microorganisms themselves. Our microbiota are affected by everything from how we entered the world to how much time we spend barefoot. Bacteria, yeasts, molds, dirt and the types of food we eat all impact microbiota, thereby influencing the microbiome.

Gut bacteria aid digestion by breaking down otherwise indigestible plant fibers into short-chain fatty acids that intestinal cells can access. Emerging research also suggests that gut bacteria influence many other metabolic functions, so much so that some experts now regard it as a “hidden” organ system, capable of interacting with its host down to DNA expression.

As a result, the microbiome’s role in conditions as varied as irritable bowel diseases, obesity, Type 2 diabetes, depression, autoimmune disorders and Parkinson’s disease is under intense scientific scrutiny.

The core questions remain: How does the microbiome become altered in a way that negatively affects the host, and how does a host build better microbiota?

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